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Please enter the name of your organisation, and appropriate details on our form.  A subsequent e-mail will collect the photos and additional description of your facilities and amenities not captured on the form as well as things to do in your area.  The more info we have the more likely people are to visit your establishment and make use of your facilities.

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Venues for Family, Friends, Group, Community, or larger events. Venues for Conferences, Conventions, Exhibitions, Expos, Markets, Fairs, workshops, training, Shows; agricultural shows,  Aerobatic or Air Shows, Boat Shows. Venues for Competitions, Races, Marathons, Triathlons, Cycle Races, Gymkhanas, or other Sporting Events.  Places to have Gigs, or other get-togethers.  Theaters,  Halls, or open Spaces to have Raves and so on. Hiking and other places that offer Adventure packages, and so on.

Other Venues:

  • Dams for fishing events and competitions,
  • Game farms with game viewing. hunting, photo-shoots,
  • Trails and tracks for 4×4, MTB and other Mountain Bike trails, Race tracks for cars, motocross, motorbikes, quad-bikes, and hot-rods,
  • Hangliding, paragliding, parasailing, gliding, parachuting airstrips,
  • and so on.

Remember to add your events below if you have any, especially if they are regular events.

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