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Benefits of Advertising on Accommodation Africa South Website

Lots of Views

  • Each time a person is notified that their ad has been added and they need to check it
  • Each time a tourist or traveler searches for accommodation in your city, town or area
  • Each time someone looks for a venue in your city, town or area
  • By chance because they land up on that web page
  • By design because the newsletter pointed to that page for updates, special offers, prizes, competitions, or news about your town.

Promotes you while you sleep

  • People on the other side of the planet keep different hours to us.  You don’t need to be awake to interact with them, the internet will – 24×7, 365 days a year.
  • Regular promotions to international sites
  • Special promotions that will become more frequent over time as the portfolio grows.
  • Improved web presence

Zero commissions

  • If the client deals directly with you, no commissions payable to anyone.
  • No extra costs

Cover your costs

  • For paid advertising; You only need one or two people to find you and you will have more than covered your cost.
  • For FREE advertising, you will be coining  it from the start, but without ‘link-love’.

Paid advertising gets you

  • Mention on our Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms
  • Improved Google ranking due to appropriate linking and cross referencing
  • Online enquiry or reservation contact form
  • More traffic to your website with each link
  • You get featured in the newsletter


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