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The Client Enigma

Getting more clients

It is a huge subject

Many books have been written on the subject, so trying to encapsulate it here would be arrogant. But you know what, I’m going to try anyway.  I will give you a shortened version of my take on it.

Who are your clients?

First of all you need to know who your clients are and where to find them before you can get to them. Its better to target a few people and get them rather than try and solve everyone’s problems. If you try and solve everyone’s problems you won’t be using specific terms, so you will most likely get no-one.

So in stead of saying I am a coach and I can help you solve your problems, it would be better to say  I am a coach and I can help you lose weight.  If you narrow it down even more and say I can help menopausal women lose weight (the older you get the more difficult it seems to lose weight), then you have narrowed it down even more, and you will appeal to that market.  It is specific; your target market will recognize that they fall in this category.

The other thing that happens when you target specifics, is that you get better at solving those specific problems, so you get better at it, and are able to help that target market more efficiently.

So in my case I have three main target markets and I target them differently

  1. I assist establishments with Accommodation Venues, to improve their web presence, and in so doing, get more clients, which means more money in their pocket. The same goes for Companies who provide Leisure Activities and Events.
  2. I connect people looking for Accommodation, Venues, Leisure Activities and Events to those offering it.
  3. I provide a platform for organizations who can provide a service or product to (1.) or (2.) to advertise, be seen, and contactable.

The next thing is you need to know what your target market is about, and how best to approach them before you actually do.

How can you help them?

What problem(s) do you solve?

How to convince them that what you have is what they need?

What do you have the competition doesn’t?
Why should they choose you?

There is no one size fits all solution

It is easy to say what needs to be done, and even how to do it, but when push comes to shove, its not that simple. All eventualities, all contexts, all situations, challenges, and shortcomings can never be covered. That is why it is best to work with a person on an individual basis to address the issues and work through these things, decide what the best plan of action will be to get the most important results, and how best to implement that plan, given the circumstances.

To get your very own very best solution Contact Us with COACHING in the subject line.

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