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Marketing on the Internet

Internet Marketing is here to stay whether we like it or not.  It is going to become even more important to have a web presence now that mobile phones access the internet and everything is searchable.  Immediacy is what people want now.  Nobody wants to wait for anything.  Immediate gratification.  If I can’t find it I’ll take what I can find. If you can’t be found, you won’t get clients.  Remember the people who are searching in this fashion are the go-getters, and usually the ones with the moola.

Pros and Cons of marketing on the Internet

Pros of Marketing on the Internet

You get exposure. You have a web presence.  Like with the lottery with each entry you have, you have a greater chance of a win. With each web access point you have, the more likely someone will find you.  The more unique your offering, the more likely you are to get a direct hit if someone is looking for that specific thing.  The ‘big guys’ have the monopoly on the general search terms or keywords.

Directory Entries

There are free options, but there are downsides to this as you have probably discovered already.  Mostly these sites are inappropriate, are too general or not in your business line, are not monitored so any Tom, Dick, and Harry can put their information up there, or are used for spam or building a database of email addresses that are then sold to third parties, so make sure you check their ‘Privacy Policy’.  Click here for my Privacy Policy.

Paid options are expensive.  As you well know you can pay a lot to feature on the main accommodation directories, and it is a yearly recurring fee.


A website alone these days helps you less than nothing.  Unless someone knows your establishment name they are unlikely to find you, and even if they know the name, you may still only feature on the third or the fourth page depending on the name, or  if you are lucky.

There is an annual fee for your URL (name of the website), plus a monthly or annual hosting fee (where your website is situated).  If you want your website to be found, you need to pay someone optimize your site (SEO), to list it in search engines and so on.

If there is no change on your website and it remains static, Google and other search engines forget about it, they like relevancy, immediacy, updated regularly, and they prefer something that’s been around for a while (no fly-by-nighters).


Blogs, unless specifically asked for, are less likely to come up in the e.g. Google search than websites, unless they are topical, newsy and liked by a lot of people.

Social Media

You have probably found out that Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and the like are time gobblers.

Cons of Marketing on the Internet

Unless you stay abreast of things, you are dead in the water.  Things change very rapidly, it is a huge field.  Your time would probably be better spent doing the thing you do best rather than trying to dabble here, unless this is your interest, hobby, or passion anyway.

Because you are easily accessible, you are spammable, unless you take precautions.  You won’t only get messages that you want, you will also get inundated with invitations, offers, and all kinds of interactions from people who want to sell you something… you know what I’m talking about…

Find out how to have a web presence and protect yourself. Contact Us with WEB PRESENCE in the subject line.

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