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Business Listing

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This listing entitles you to add your business, organization, NPO, NGO, Company details to the suburb,  town, or settlement page you operate from.

What benefit will you get if you list on this online directory website?

  • Anyone who has booked accommodation through this website looking for your product, service, or other assistance in the town they are visiting will be able to find it easily.
  • It will help improve your website ranking to have appropriate back-links.
  • Add any events like bazaars, markets, festivals and other special events to the events list on this website at no cost.  This notice will be sent to my database of people in your area.

Once you have entered your details you will get further instructions …

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Other Services


The investment is a once-off amount of R500. If you wish to have suburb and city listing it is double the amount for the two listings. other options are to list on the province or special category pages too, e.g. Garden Route, Cape Peninsula, West Rand, Nature Reserves and so on.  It is R500 (once-off) per listing.  Once the website has gone viral, and the hit-rate is phenomenal, a monthly fee will be payable if you join then.  If you join now, it is only this once-off amount.

Why is it better to list on this site?

It is monitored, so the listings are valid. You will get great exposure. There are many add-ons that will follow to help with the marketing of your business.

What businesses are ideal?

The best businesses are:

  • Anything related to traveling, hospitality industry, tourism, tours, transport
  • Shops; wine, booze, food, clothes, gifts, art, photographic equipment, camping equipment, fishing tackle, bicycle and bike accessories, and so on
  • Health & Beauty; Massage therapists, beauticians, hairdressers, nail bars, gyms, swimming pools, practitioners like Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Rolfing,
  • Maintenance of tents, garages, workshops, tyres, engines, caravans, boats, 4X4, quads, bikes, bicycles, windscreen glass,
  • Transport; Airlines, Car hire, boat trips, helicopter rides, balloon rides, bus services, taxis, tour operators, trains, Mobile home rentals, caravan rentals, Bakkie rentals, trailer rentals, 4×4 rentals, etc.
  • Entertainment: Movie houses, theatres, dance halls, discos, pool halls, ten-pin bowling alleys, palm readers, astrologers,
  • Emergency Services: 24X7 – chemists or pharmacies,  doctors, dentists, health practitioners, AA, tow-in services,  paramedics,
    • Government fire departments, ambulances, and so on are free.
  • If there is a category I need to add, please let me know

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