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Marketing is key


Marketing is essential to get ahead

One of the essential ingredients for a successful business is marketing.   In my opinion there are two categories of marketing, the formal marketing and below the radar marketing. What do I mean by that?

Formal marketing

Paper marketing

This is advertising in newspapers, magazines, brochures, on maps, in directories, business cards, and other travelogues and tourist handouts.

Other marketing

Billboards, signposts, vehicle decals, signage, branding, adverts, corporate gifts, and so on.

Online marketing

This is where we come in. There are a myriad ways to advertise and promote yourself online. If you wish to find out more about this, please contact us with ONLINE MARKETING in the subject line.

Under the radar marketing

This is stuff that people notice subconsciously. Good service is an example.  If people are happy with what they got, they are quick to promote you by word of mouth. If however they are unhappy about something, they are even quicker to let people know and spread it around. It is usually told with emotion and because it is connected to emotion, it makes it more memorable for the receivers.

Friendly service is an even better example as people are more likely to forgive you for oversights, mishaps, and even accidents if you have been really friendly.

Marketing is key

I am sure you know of products that are inferior, and sell, while your product or service is much better but it doesn’t sell as well.  The most common reason for this is usually because their marketing is better.  Do you have a marketing strategy? Do you hate selling?  Want to know what to do?

Contact us with MARKETING STRATEGY in the subject line and tell us what you’re struggling with.


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