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These days Social Media is a buzzword that gets bandied about.  Facebook and Twitter have millions of users. People ‘tweet’, ‘dig’, ‘like’, and ‘pin’ things all the time. Friends, family and acquaintances invite you to join LinkedIn, Myspace, and a plethora of other Social Media sites.

With each new platform you have to remember more passwords (its dangerous if you use the same password for everything). You have to log in and out of each, unless you know how to do it in one step, and you have to interact on each platform, or you don’t get noticed, or even worse, get ‘un-friended’ and followers desert you.  Unless you’re actively weird, wacky, wayout, obnoxious, quirky or very interesting, people are unlikely to follow you, unless they have ulterior motives, like trying to sell you something.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

Like with everything else there are pros and cons to Social Media Marketing.  For some people the cons will be pros and pros will be cons for others. It all depends where you are coming from, what you want to achieve, and who your target market is.  This is also not a definitive list of pros and cons, but just a few to whet your appetite, so to speak.

Pros of Social Media Marketing

You can go viral quickly if you have the right product or service, are in the right place at the right time, have the right information to share contextually, or people find ‘you’ / ‘your product’ / ‘your service’ / ‘your information’ sufficiently compelling.

If you have built up a following, or have the numbers, you may be able to ‘sell’ to enough of them to get by, or make a killing, depending on supply, demand, and perceived ‘desirability’.

Cons of Social Media Marketing

For me the biggest drawback is that if you are sufficiently active on Social Media it can take a lot of time. It is also very easy to get sucked in and side-tracked into all kinds of other things. Time flies when you’re having fun and seeing what other people are up to, reading, watching, doing, and thinking about. Some very worthy causes too…

It is a thin line being active enough to be visible and not overdoing it, of not too hard a sell, nor too often, because it is supposed to be a place where you share information, talk about what interests you and so on, not a hard sell environment, and providing enough ‘good’ information to please your audience before you try to ‘entice’ them again.

Want your very own Social Media Marketing Strategy? send us a note with SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING in the subject line.

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