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Find accommodation in the most popular places to stay in the KwaZulu Natal Province of South Africa.  Accommodation Africa South will soon provide you with a list of all the best destinations, things to do and see whether you are looking for a ‘naughty’ weekend away from the kids, an adventure, vacation or holiday accommodation or somewhere to stay because you are a travelling salesman, contractor or other profession that involves a lot of travelling and staying away from home.  We also plan to have venues and places where you can have conferences, conventions, expos,  special events like weddings, birthday parties, art, craft, and other exhibitions, as well as farmers or christmas markets and agricultural and other shows.  We also havea calendar of events for Kwa Zulu Natal and other places in South Africa if you wish to see whats on.

Kwa Zulu Natal, Kingdom of the Zulu (people of heaven), stretches from the Indian Ocean in the East, to the Drakensberg in the West, bordering on Lesotho and the Orange Free State.  North it shares borders with Mpumalanga in the Transvaal region, as well as Swaziland and Mozambique. In the South it stretches to the Mtamvuma River that creates the border with the Eastern Cape. Kwa Zulu Natal is also referred to as KZN, Natal, and Kwazulu.

There are many interesting sites to see, places to visit, and things to do in the Kwa Zulu Natal.  You should also be able to find the accommodation venue option to suit your requirements and budget. To find a place to stay, click on the town links, go to the sitemap, or use the search facility at the top of the page.  The maps also have links to the various areas and towns to visit and travel to.  If you have special accommodation requirements, you may want to search for that specifically.

About KwaZulu-Natal

The capital of KZN is Pietermaritzburg .

Durban is the busiest port in South Africa and one of the 10 largest in the world. Richards Bay is an important coal export harbour and the centre for the aluminium industry.

Newcastle – steel production and coal mining, Estcourt is known for meat processing.

In Natal British Colonialism still comes through strong. The indigenous language is Zulu and is the most spoken language in the province. Afrikaans is also spoken, but not as much as in most other provinces.

The soil is fertile and rainfall is good, that makes it good for agriculture of all kinds.  The coastal belt produces sugar cane and tropical fruit like mangoes, bananas, lichis as well as citrus, tea, and other produce.

Natal has numerous beach resorts at the many coastal towns.  The Indian Ocean water is warm due to the Benguela Current coming from the tropics.

Natal Climate, rainfall and geography

KZN has summer rainfall. The coastline is Subtropical,  mostly hot & humid. There are some indigenous forest areas, some savannah grassland that supports much game and cattle, and snow can be expected on mountains in winter. The Drakensberg Range in the west has several peaks over 3000 metres. This area has been declared a World Heritage Site for dramatic beauty. It also has the richest concentration of bushmen paintings and rock art in Africa found in the Drakensberg caves.

The largest river is the Tukela, sometimes written Tugela.

Ecotourism in KwaZulu Natal

iSimangaliso Wetland Park and uKuhlamba Drakensberg Park have been declared UNESCO Word Heritage Sites – these & Ndumo have wetlands that have been listed as major conservation sites of International importance.

KZN Health

Of the provinces, KZN has the highest rate of HIV infection and has reached pandemic proportions.

KZN Education

KZN has many universities, of which the most notable:

Univeristy of KwaZulu-Natal
University of Zululand
Durban University of technology
Mangosuthu University of Technology

KZN Airports

North of Durban the King Shaka International Airport at La Mercy. The other airports will be mentioned in the different towns that have them.

KZN Special Events and Attractions

Comrades Marathon
Midmar Mile
Dusi Canoe Marathon
Durban July
Surfing competitions along the coast

KEY to the Cities and towns.  Cities are in bold.  Major towns have a ‘*’, Secondary towns have a ‘+’, other towns have a ‘-‘, the rest are settlements, or considered smaller than towns.

KwaZulu Natal Municipal Districts

—The Kwa Zulu Natal is divided into 10 Districts—

Amajuba, Zululand, uMkhanyakude, uThungulu, uMzinyathi, uThukela, uMgungundlovu, iLembe , eThekwini, Ugu, Sisonke

—and 8 Areas of Natal—

Battlefields, Drakensberg, Elephant Coast, North Coast, South Coast, Durban District, Midlands, and Zululand

PLEASE NOTE: This is not 100% all the towns in the Kwa Zulu Natal. Some towns and settlements are too small to mention at this stage and have been left out.  They may be added later.

Thekwini District

Thekwini is towns and suburbs in Durban’s immediate vicinity. Mostly Zulu speaking, except in Durban itself, and the ‘whiter’ suburbs and towns . Thekwini’s meaning is contentious. One suggestion is ‘ lagoon’ as referring to Durban Bay.

Towns in the Thekwini District

The Amajuba District

This is the  Northwestern part of Natal. Amajuba means ‘place of doves’. There are many battlefields & sites. This district is mountainous in the west (Drakensberg).

Towns in the Amajuba District

The Ilembe District

This district is on the North Coast Area, also known as the Dolphin Coast.

Towns in the Ilembe District

  • KwaDukuza * – (Stanger)

The Sisonke District

Lower western Natal and falls mainly in the southern Drakensberg Area.

Towns in the Sisonke District

  • Kokstad  +
  • Creighton
  • Himeville
  • Ixopo  – (seat)
  • Umzimkhulu  ???Underberg –

The Ugu District

This district lies on the South Coast.

Towns in the Ugu District

The Umgungundlovu District

The district mainly comprises open grasslands with mountains in the easternmost parts and falls mainly in the Midlands Area.

Towns in the Umgungundlovu district

Also known as the Midlands. See Midlands for a more exhaustive list of smaller towns and settlements in this area.

 The Umkhanyakude District

This is the northernmost eastern Natal, and falls in the Elephant Coast Area.  This area is considered deprived  because of  low income, female headed households, low education levels, high unemployment, little access to piped water and electricity, and lots of kiddies – according to health systems trust barometer.

Umkhanyakude is named after yellow-barked fever tree, literally means ‘seen from afar’. It is the northernmost district, mostly rural, with outstanding natural beauty at St Lucia Greater Wetland Park, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve, Ndumu and Tembe Elephant Park, Sodwana Bay and Kosi Bay.

Towns in Umkhanyakude District

  • Hlabisa
  • Jozini  .
  • Mtubatuba
  • Hluhluwe
  • Kwangwanase  ?

The Umzinyathi District

This district falls mainly in the northern part of the Battlefields Area.

Towns in the Umzinyathi District

The Uthukela Dsitrict

This district falls mainly in the central part of the Battlefields Area.

Towns in the Uthukela Dsitrict

The Utungulu District

This District is the coastal part of the Zululand Area.

Towns in the Utungulu District

The Zululand District

This district is situated in the top middle and forms part of the greater Zululand Area.

Towns in the Zululand District

Accommodation in Kwa Zulu Natal

Name of establishment Telephone Number Rating Type of accommodation Price Pet
Click here to change your listing ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Cathedral Peak Hotel 031 562 8191 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Kwa Eden 031 561 7380 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Anabel’s 031 202 5195/6 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Anchor’s Rest 031 572 7797 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Beechwood Guest House 032 525 5575 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Beside Still Waters 031 566 3210 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Comfort House 031 764 6616 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Duma Manzi Eco Lodge & Spa 035 592 0654 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Makaranga Garden Lodge 011 789 1661 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Maputuland Lodge 031 312 5246 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Mount Edgecombe Golf Lodge 031 572 5026 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Quarters Hotel Avondale Rd ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Ronan Bnb ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Add your listing here xxx xxx xxxx ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

About KZN

People from all over the world, with diverse cultures have come together in Natal; Indians, Europeans, and Africans. KZN has 2 World Heritage Sites; Ukhalhlamba Drakensberg Park and the Isimangaliso Wetland Park starting at St Lucia. The areas teems with wildlife. There are adventure sports galore.

For the cultural-minded, there are arts and crafts to choose from and rural villages provide traditional cultural experiences. Guides talk one through the Zulu customs, history and regale you with stories of yore.

KZN is also divided into 8 areas of interest:

What to do and see in the Kwa Zulu Natal

Dams and Nature Reserves in the Kwa Zulu Natal

The World Heritage Sites; iSimangaliso Wetland Park and uKhuhlamba Drakensberg Park and the many Game Reserves and Game Parks, some private, some not, like the Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park Game Reserve and Dam, Umtamvuna Nature Reserve, Mkambati Nature Reserve, Weenen Game Reserve, Chelmsford Dam and Nature Reserve, Sterkfontein Dam hydro-electric power system and Nature Reserve, Itala Game Reserve, St Lucia Marine Reserve, Tembe and Ndume Elephant Game Reserve, Ndumo Game Reserve, Sodwana Bay National Park and State Forest, Mkuzio Game Reserve, Mapelane Nature Reserve, Richards Bay Nature Reserve, as well as Lake Eteza Nature Reserve, Phinda Resource Reserve,  Mkuzi Game Reserve, Albert Falls Nature Reserve, Himeville and Coleford Nature Reserves, Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve, and many others.  Lots to see and much to do. Each town will have more about special things in their area.

Midmar Dam near Pietermaritzburg, Albert Falls Dam, Craigie Burn Dam, Spioenkop Dam and Nature Reserve, Woodstock Dam, Sterkfontein (hydro-electric) Dam, Ntshingwayo Dam, Lake St Lucia and False Bay Park, Lake Sibaya, Pongolapoort Dam and Nature Reserve, and so on.

What to see; Sites and Places to visit in Kwa Zulu Natal

PL Uys Memorial, Raadsaal and Fort of New Republic, Prince Imperial Monument, Dingaan’s Kraal, Piet Retief’s Grave, Bulawayo site of Shaka’s Kraal, Coward’s Bush Monument, Fort Pearson Ultimatum Tree, Genl Louis Botha birthplace, Saalager, Wagon Hill, some forts, blockhouses, war memorials, and battle-sites, Oribi Gorge, Colenso Mission Station and the many cultural villages and cultural projects that help with the upliftment of local communities to stimulate the economy, arts, and crafts in the area.

Visit the royal palace at Nongoma, or come to see the Annual Reed Dance Festival. Natal has many layers of historical significance for Boer, Brit and aBantu.

The Moses Mabhida World Cup Stadium is also a drawcard for Soccer fans, and the Albert Luthuli International Conference Centre in Durban hosts many world-class events, shows and exhibitions. King Shaka International Airport links us to countries around the globe, and is the gateway to the rest of Africa.

Check out the Leatherback turtles during breeding time with a registered tour guide. Go on safaris or game drives, go for boat-trips, go off-road, go 4×4, go hiking, go horse-riding and bird-watching whether you like the feathered, or other kind. Take photographs and experiences with you, leave new friends behind, and come again for more adventure and fun in the sun.

Accommodation and Venues in Kwa Zulu Natal

See the individual city’s write-ups for more information, places to go, things to see and do, and other adventure activities, for events, accommodation and Venues.  Each town and area will have their own favorite places for weddings, conventions, shows, expos, exhibitions as well as farmers and arts and crafts markets.  You will be able to find the accommodation and venues to suit you whether you are looking for a cheap or an expensive option, whether you want luxury or to rough it in camping, whether you are a student and have to do it on a tight budget, want to go bacpacking through the country, or want to stay in a self catering unit where you can prepare your own meals and eat out at restaurants when it suits you. Dinner Bed and Breakfast options are also available, as are family units, holiday flats, and weekend getaways. We hope to be able to provide you with sufficient options to suit your requirements in days to come.

About Kwa Zulu Natal

Natal is the home to the first aerotropolis on the continent; the Dube Tradeport, and has 2 of the largest sea ports in South Africa. The capital is Durban, named after Sir Benjamin D’urban. The other city in the Zulu kingdom is Pietermaritzburg, It has an everage temperature of 23 degrees and seven hours of daylight throughout the year, most of which are sunny. It is an eco-tourism mecca, and its natural and cultural heritage is world renowned. The diversity is staggering with Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Indian, and other cultures coming together in one place with their wonderful music, culinary delights, and cultural differences.

Indigenous peoples of Kwa Zulu Natal

The Kwa Zulu Natal province are mainly Zulu-speaking of the Nguni group of people. iZulu means ‘heaven or sky’. Nguni means ‘cattle’. Other Ngunis are Xhosas (Cape Province), Shangaans (further north), Ndebele; both northern and southern Ndebele (Transvaal), Swazi (Swaziland), Puthi, Hlubi,  and so on.

Kwa Zulu Natal contact information

 KZN Provincial Government

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife – tel: 033 845 1999
Tourist Junction Durban – tel: 031 304 4934

 Emergency numbers

Police – tel: 10111
Ambulance – tel: 10177
Sea Rescue – tel: 031 361 8567
Mountain Rescue – tel: 080 000 5133
Emergency Rescue – tel: 082 16111
Emergency Medical Rescue – tel: 0800 033007

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Kwa Zulu Natal has 8 diverse Regions that are well worth exploring

Want a  cultural experience in Zululand?
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Interested in the historical Battlefields and battle sites?
Or do you prefer the beaches? There is 600 km of coastline to choose from.
Find a place to stay on the South Coast or Golf Coast if you are a golfing enthusiast
Search for accommodation on the North Coast or Dolphin Coast as it is also called for good reason.
Looking for overnight facilities on the Elephant Coast with the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park that has been declared a World Heritage Site.
Find things to do and see in Durban, the capital of Natal and its surrounding areas.

How about safaris, game watching, safaris, fishing, angling, off-road, watersports, 4×4 and other adventure activities?
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