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Wine Farms


Wine Farms

Wine Farms can provide alternative Venues for Weddings, Conferences, Special Events, Functions, Expos, Exhibitions,  Training, Indabas, Shows, or Markets in any of the provinces of  South Africa.  Want to find the best Venues? We will have the option to suit your budget, whether you want luxury, exclusive, or something cheaper.

Wine farms often have a space for functions and other events where you can organize a wedding, convention, training, market, or show.  We also plan to have venues and places where you can have birthday parties, art, craft, and other exhibitions,  farmers or christmas markets, as well as fairs and agricultural and other shows.

Our Wine Cellars and Cooperatives are spread across the country, however, most of our wines come from the Western and Northern Cape Area.

Wine Cellars

Most Wine Cellars have restaurants, or at the very least, wine tasting.  Our wines, brandies, and whiskies have won International Competitions and Awards. We have most of the wines you can find elsewhere in any of the countries.

Our white wines vary depending on the area they grow in.  Some of the wines are slightly sweeter and more full bodied as a result of the hot weather.

White Wines

White Wine Cultivars; Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Colombard, Bukettraube, Semillon, Voignier, Muscat d’Alexandrie (Hanepoot), and Carignan.

Red Wines

Red Wine Cultivars; Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,  Tinta Barocca, Pinotage (said to be the only truly South African Cultivar), Pinot Noire, Grenache, Muscadel, Cinsaut, and so on.  I am a red wine drinker, I much prefer red wine to white wine.  With red wine  the first glass is good, and it gets better with each consecutive glass.

Rose Wines

Rose Wines are usually a blend of different wines in some cases Zinfandel and Shiraz, .  The colors are from red-grape skins that are left in the wine for a shorter while to get the pink color (considered the better method), it could also be a mixture of red and white wine, or the process called saignee’.

Fortified Wines

Sherry (Dry, Cream, or Sweet), Port, Muscats (Muscadel), Jerepigo, Madeira, Vermouth, ‘Late Harvest’ (Dessert Wines).  A bit of extra alcohol is added to give it ‘vooma’, usually a grape brandy.  This also stops the fermentation process and retains more of the sweetness of the grape.  In Some cases the grapes are left on the vine to shrivel up (to get more sweetness).  Another method is to let the grapes rot on the vines and this is called Botrytus rot (noble rot). I was told that some Sherries have grape juice added to them and that it is a dynamic process of blending and ageing that gives its flavor.

Some ports are created in the Port(uguese) fashion, others have a local twist.

Champagne Wines

We are not allowed to use the name champagne, because that denotes a place in France, so our ‘champagnes’ are called ‘sparkling wines’ .

Methode Cap Classique is the South African version of Methode Champenois or Champagne as it is called in France.  We also call it Sparkling Wine, from Brut,  Demi Sec to Sec .


Our Brandies are also very good. We have a Brandy Route in the Northern Cape.

Other venue types on offer

Types of accommodation on offer are:

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